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Our focus is onElectrical Product Safety Approval Certificationthat allows the sale of electrical equipment, accessories and appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

It has come to our attention that several lse and fraudulent claims are being made on Chinese websites by various companies called QA Testing Technology Company Ltd, Ningbo Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd. that they are an SAA representative and that the website is the official website for SAA in China. This is incorrect and fraudulent. These companies are not authorised to act as an agent for SAA Approvals and may not represent our company. The ONLY place to obtain an SAA certificate is at and we do not have any employees or agents outside of Australia. These companies have simply stolen our name and are lse claims. We regard any public statement by this company about Australian approvals to be incorrect. We have asked the Chinese authorities to stop this practice without success.

QA Testing Technology Company SAASAA Approvals

SAA Approvals is accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand JASANZ as a third party certification body. SAA Approvals is also gazetted by the NSW Office of Fair Trading Department of Commerce as a Recognised External Approvals Scheme. This allows us to issue Certificates of Approval for declared and nondeclared electrical equipment that has proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard and be fully accepted throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We focus on approval certification of electrical productsSAA ApprovalsWhat we do

We turn around your approval in days provided all the documentation you send us is correct. We also offer a priority service if required.

We are a team of experienced approvals professionals. General Manager Des Ede has plus years of electrical safety compliance experience, previously with the Electrical Safety Office of the Queensland Government. We have a committed team of professionals from both the technical and administration perspective who are all focussed on getting your approvals done correctly and quickly.

Our company is privately owned and totally independent from any testing authority and government association.

We remind our clients to ensure that they obtain genuine JASANZendorsed certificates and be wary of companies fraudulently claiming to be SAA in certificationsSAA Approvals