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In order to become a certified safety professional, you have to take and pass two exams. The first of these is the Associate Safety Professional exam. When you successfully complete this exam you are considered an associate safety professional. This is a question, multiplechoice exam that covers four safety domains recognizing safety hazards, evaluating safety hazards, training and management, business principles and practices. You have five hours to complete this exam. The exam is offered only via Peason VUE test centers, the national chain of test centers BCSP chose for test administration.

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Once youve passed the associate safety professional exam, you are eligible to take the second exam and become a Certified Safety Professional. Like the associate safety professional exam, this exam consists of multiplechoice questions. The three domains covered in the certified safety professional exam are collecting safety risk information, assessing safety risk, and managing safety risk. You have five and a half hours to complete this exam. This exam is also given at Pearson VUE testing centers.

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The Certified Online Professional is a certification offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. This is a complex certification and requires the candidate to take and pass two separate examinations. There are extensive prerequisites to qualify for the exam, encompassing both education and experience. Online testpreparation courses are available and the BCSP offers study materials on its website.

The BCSP provides access to online materials for study. However, for those interest in a less selfdirected study program for those exams, the BCSP also provides links to a variety of study programs and test review providers, some of which are online. One difference between using the study materials for selfreview and using a test review service is the cost involved. The costs for the testpreparation services vary based on the provider and how extensive the program is. A typical time frame for a review course is between six and eight weeks with a cost of about .

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Getting your Certified Safety Professional Certification demonstrates a high standard of knowledge and experience to employers.

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Qualifying for the certified safety professional exam requires both education and experience requirements. In order to meet the education requirement, you need either a bachelors degree in any field, or an associates degree in safety, health, the environment, or a related field. In addition, you need to have at least three years of fulltime work in the safety field. Your fulltime work also has requirements. At least half of your job must focus on preventative safety, and your job must have a breadth of safety issues.

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