the Southeastern Biological Safety Assocsafety associationiation

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Leading this Board of Directors to serve our fellow biosafety professionals is a privilege, and I am very excited to serve as President for SEBSA in . A priority for this Board of Directors is increasing our outreach and involvement with the biosafety professionals of the Southeast.  This is very important for the continued success of SEBSA.

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safety associationThe New Brunswick Construction Safety Association

safety associationThe New Brunswick Construction Safety AssociationFacilitation of Program Development Did you know that NBCSA can assist by sending a Safety Advisor to your worksite to assist in the development of your hazard assessment processes, site emergency and safety plans? We can also do a preaudit check on your program to determine if there are any areas that need to be addressed in helping the external audit process go smoothly.

Presentations If you are planning an upcoming safety day or annual orientation and looking for a customized presentation regarding a safety topic, we can help. We have a developed list of topics or there is an option to have a customized topic in your area of need. Give us a call to discuss the range of possibilities.

NBCSAs th Professional Development Day has come and gone. Thank you to those who attended and we trust that it was enjoyed by you all, complete with informative sessions and socializing with like minded peers. If there was anything you were interested in taking away or receiving from the sessions that were given, please send an email and we will do our best to send what we have.

Onsite Information Sessions Whether you are in the initial development of your program or as your program matures, there can be occasions when there is an identified need for increased understanding in health and safety issues on your project site. We can arrange to prepare a short information session with your morning tool box talk and/or over your lunch break.

Recipients of the NBCSA Safety Awards are

This is your Industry Association, fundedby your industry. Supporting it ensures its success and that we control our own costs and industry training requirements.

Our first class of safety professionals to write the NCSO™ exam was held on October , . We are very pleased to say we had registered to write and all were successful. Congratulations to

Alberta Fire Safety Associationlist of safety organizations

The latest issue of the CFAA journal is available…

As wild fires drove over , Fort McMurray residents to evacuate their homes, the Red Cross has continued to provide support for as many people as possible.  To learn more about how to donate, follow the button below.

NEW ALBERTA FIRE CODE STANDATA The following STANDATA is now available on Alberta Municipal Afirs website. To view or print a copy follow the link below. Fire Code Bulletin FCB             Porle Fire Extinguishers To view all STANDATA for the Alberta Fire…

New Standata for Verifying New Fire Alarm Suppression Systems The following Building Code Interpretation has just been issued by the Building Technical Council. It affects how new fire alarm suppression systems are verified. BCI Fire Alarm and Fire…

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Looking for a fire safety company or organization in Alberta?  Our members adhere to the highest standards and should be your preferred choice.

The Alberta Fire Safety Association extends a hearty congratulations to Kevan Jess on his appointment to the role of Fire Commissioner for the Province of Alberta. Kevan has been very supportive of our association over the years and we wish him the very best in his…

The January meeting has been scheduled for January th, commencing at am. It will be held at the Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Alberta. Please be aware that this is our two year AGM, and we will be looking to vote in our executive. I will be sending out forms…

The latest CFAA Journal has been posted to the CFAA website. Enjoy! Link to the list of new journals on the CFAA website Journal Nov…

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The Alberta Fire Safety Association is the voice of this provinces fire safety industry.  We work with the government and the provinces service providers to ensure a that industry maintains the highest standards.

Our next meeting will be held on Friday April th, . It will be at the Black Knight Inn, Red Deer, Alberta, commencing at am. Due to the great snow storm in the north Edmonton and surrounding, there were many unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on…

We offer organizational memberships to fire safety organizations, advocacy groups, legislative groups, and service providers.  Join today to get started with your own profile.

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The CFAA Annual Technical Seminar is in Calgary this year. It will be held on Sep ,  at Coast Plaza Hotel Conference Centre  St NE, Calgary, Alberta TA B. For more information or to register, follow this…

Hello all, Here are the minutes from the meeting held on January th, . Our next meeting is scheduled for April th, at Black Knight Inn, Red Deer. There will be reminders sent closer to the date. January , …

safety certificationsCertification Programs

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Customers in these global market sectors turn to ABS Group as a trusted partner and experienced advisor to guide the process of achieving operational excellence in safety, reliability and integrity. Heres how.

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Through investigation, analysis and the design of technologybased solutions, this ision plays a critical role in helping organizations mitigate the effects of both natural and manmade hazards.

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Whether were assessing maintenance and asset management practices or providing expert counsel on Enterprise Asset Management systems, ABS Group helps companies develop and optimize their capabilities.

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

ABS Group provides independent engineering inspection and verification services to assess the condition, operation and efficiency of structures and their critical safety equipment and systems.

Take up to three years to fulfill your Certificate requirements

For four decades, ABS Group has delivered technical service and expertise across the globe, and our leadership team has helped set the standard for safety and reliability for a wide range of industries.

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

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ABS Group helps organizations comply with regulations and develop datadriven strategies to help improve safety and manage risk. In the event of an incident, we will manage the investigation, identify the root cause and help you recover.

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Keep your cilities in compliance with the latest laws, regulations, and standards

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Utilizing management systems certification, verification, assessment and training, ABS Quality Evaluations helps assure companies that people, systems and supply chains are performing at optimal levels.

Earn continuing education credits and recertification maintenance points from major professional bodies such as IHMM, NESHTA, NEHA, ABIH, BSCP, AIHA, and others

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Were committed to sharing our knowledge, lessons learned and best practices to support safer, more reliable assets and operations. Explore our project experience, register for webinars and discover more insights into the markets we serve.

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Advanced Root Cause Analyst/Incident Investigator

Demonstrate your professional competency to inspectors and auditorssafety certificationsCertification Programs

safety certificationsDepartment of Fire

safety certificationsDepartment of FireHomeowner association disputes and related administrative procedures, petitions and rules.

Arizona Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety

Manuctured housing standards, regulations, permits, and inspections.

Fire Marshal permitting and inspections, fire codes, fireworks information, certification of fire standard compliant cigarettes, trampoline court certifications, firefighter relief and pension funds, etc.

Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management

Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectorssafety association Association

Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectorssafety association AssociationAn Indiana board rejects a county CO detector ordinance. To pass a city or county code that conflicts with state law requires permission from a commission. Indiana doesnt require CO detectors, having struck ICode based provisions for them from its code.

To unite for the mutual benefit those public officials, the general public and private persons engaged in the prevention and suppression of fires through inspections.

Great meetings in Michigan. NFSAorg has a long time chapter here. Glad to support fire service. inspector MIFireInspector BAFAFire

Hollywood has always told us, we are here for entertainment not education. jd_dalton HFSCorg AFSA NFPA_FSI NFPA NFSAorg IAFC NVFC Feb

Weve got great news! Our Get Alarmed, Tennessee! smoke alarm program has documented saved lives. As winter continues, we urge Tennesseans to remain focused on fire prevention. BreakingNews FireSafety

To cooperate with the State Fire Marshals Office, Fire Departments, law enforcement agencies and private industry in the public education, prevention and suppression of fires, and to encourage high professional standards of conduct among Fire Safety Inspectors and continually strive to improve inspection procedures and education of the general public.

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To provide for exchange of technical information and developments.

Massgovlist of safety organizations

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TheState Organization Indexprovides an alphabetical listing of government organizations, including commissions, departments, and bureaus. is a registered service mark of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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The budget invests in funding for communities, tax relief for working milies, education, substance misuse, and mental health services.

Please explore the site andlet us know what you think. Thanks!

Governor Baker releases Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

TheState Organization Indexprovides an alphabetical listing of government organizations, including commissions, departments, and bureaus.

national safety associationNational Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives

national safety associationNational Association of Pipeline Safety RepresentativesWELCOME MESSAGE FROM THE NAPSR NATIONAL CHAIRMAN

Welcome to the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives NAPSR website. NAPSR is a nonprofit organization of state pipeline safety regulatory personnel who serve to promote pipeline safety in the United States and its territories. NAPSR members support the safe delivery of pipeline products by conducting inspections of pipeline operators to determine compliance with applicable state and federal pipeline safety requirements under a certification agreement, NAPSR member states partner with USDOTs Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration PHMSA. The NAPSR Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization and is responsible for NAPSR policy. The NAPSR Board includes five national officers a Chairperson, a ViceChairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer, the ImmediatePast Chairperson as well as a Chairperson and Vicechairperson representing each of NAPSRs five regions. NAPSR also has an Administrative Manager who assists the National Chairperson in implementing the objectives of NAPSR and routine administration. I hope you will find the information included on our website informative and helpful. For contact information please see Contact Page or visit State Program Managers for inidual state contact information.

Elecsafety certificationstrical Safety

Elecsafety certificationstrical SafetyD/ Electrical Practices for Construction Work

PRDFM Porle Rail Connecting Equipment Inspection Sheet

SMSSW Electrical Equipment Selection, Inspection, and Testing

PR D FM Notification for the Removal of Volt Supply in EVMCs

PRD Electrical Operational Communication and Records

PRD DANGER Tags for Electrical Equipment

PRD Prework Hazard Assessment for Work on Poles with Live Exp Equip

SPE Sydney Trains Electricity Distribution Network Bushfire Risk Management Plan

PRD Volt DC Overhead Wiring Structure to Rail Voltage Test

PRDFM Substation/Low Voltage Personnel Register

PRD Work on Volt Negative Equipment Inside Substations

PRD Inspection and Care of Porle Earthing Equipment for the High Voltage System

SMS Working around Electrical Equipment

PRD Work on Volt Negative Equipment Outside Substations

PRD Definitions and Conventions for Electrical Safety

Handbooks, Guides, Signal Box List and Registers

Note that links in the documents in this section are not active.

PR D FM Authority for Removal of Supply from Volt Sections

PRDFM Prework Pole Hazard Assessment

Handbooks, Guides, Signal Box List and Registers

PRD Description and Labelling of the Volt System

PRDFM Request for Electrical Permit to Work

Contractors Health Assessments and Drug and Alcohol Information

PRD Procedure for the Stringing of V OHW Conductors in the Vicinity of Existing Electrical Equipment

PRD Inspection and Testing of Fixed Electrical Equipment

PRD Isolation and Energisation of Low Voltage Equipment

PRD Work on Live Low Voltage Equipment

PRD Locking Systems for Electrical Equipment

PRD Earthing of High Voltage Equipment Using Porle Earthing Equipment

SMSSW Working in Accordance with an Electrical Permit

D/ Inspection and Testing of Tools used On Near or In Vicinity of V OHW

PRDFM Test Sheet for Insulated Sticks, Tools and Equipment used On, Near or In the Vicinity of Exposed V

PRD Printing and Supply of Electrical Permit to Work Booklets

Contractors Health Assessments and Drug and Alcohol Information

PRD Description and Labelling of the Low Voltage Distribution System

PRD General Requirements for Electrical Work

PRD Personnel Certifications Electrical

PRD Description and Labelling of the High Voltage Feeder System

PRDFM Working High Voltage Instruction WHVI

PRD Inspection and Care of Porle Rail Connecting Equipment for Volt Overhead Wiring

SMSEN Working High Voltage Instruction

D/ Work on Low Voltage Installations

The Electrical Safety documents give details on how work on electrical items must be performed.

PRD Work on the Low Voltage Distribution System

SMSFM Electrical Equipment Environment Assessment

SPE Sydney Trains Electricity Distribution Network Management Plan

PRDFM Internal Application for Electrical Certification or ReCertification

SMSEN Removal and Restoration of High Voltage Supply

PR D FM Porle Rail Connection Earthing Schedule

SMSFM Electrical Equipment Inspection and Test Record

PRDFM Inspection of Porle Earthing Equipment for the High Voltage System

PRD Insulated Sticks, Tools and Equipment used for work On, Near or In the Vicinity of Exposed Electrical EquipmentInspection, Testing, Care and Maintenance

PRDFM External Application for Electrical Certification or ReCertification

SMSEN Removal and Restoration of Volt Supply

D/ Rescue from Live Low Voltage Equipment Including Rescure Kit Care