Fohealth and safety organizationod safety

Fohealth and safety organizationod safetyThese challenges put greater responsibility on food producers and handlers to ensure food safety. Local incidents can quickly evolve into international emergencies due to the speed and range of product distribution. Serious foodborne disease outbreaks have occurred on every continent in the past decade, often amplified by globalized trade.

grow fruits and vegeles using the WHO Five Keys to Growing Safer Fruits and Vegeles to decrease microbial contamination.

Unsafe food poses global health threats, endangering everyone. Innts, young children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with an underlying illness are particularly vulnerable. Every year million children contract diarrhoeal diseases and die.

WHO aims to cilitate global prevention, detection and response to public health threats associated with unsafe food. Ensuring consumer trust in their authorities, and confidence in the safe food supply, is an outcome that WHO works to achieve.

Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of diarrhoea and malnutrition, threatening the nutritional status of the most vulnerable. Where food supplies are insecure, people tend to shift to less healthy diets and consume more unsafe foods in which chemical, microbiological and other hazards pose health risks.

helping improve national food systems and legal frameworks, and implement adequate infrastructure to manage food safety risks. The International Food Safety Authorities Network INFOSAN was developed by WHO and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO to rapidly share information during food safety emergencies;

infection leads to unplanned abortions in pregnant women or death of newborn babies. Although disease occurrence is relatively low, listerias severe and sometimes tal health consequences, particularly among innts, children and the elderly, count them among the most serious foodborne infections. Listeria is found in unpasteurised dairy products and various readytoeat foods and can grow at refrigeration temperatures.

such as lead, cadmium and mercury cause neurological and kidney damage. Contamination by heavy metal in food occurs mainly through pollution of air, water and soil.

Urbanization and changes in consumer habits, including travel, have increased the number of people buying and eating food prepared in public places. Globalization has triggered growing consumer demand for a wider variety of foods, resulting in an increasingly complex and longer global food chain.

know the food they use read labels on food package, make an informed choice, become miliar with common food hazards;

Everyone can contribute to food safe. Here are some examples of effective actions

handle and prepare food safely, practicing the WHO Five Keys to Safer Food at home, or when selling at restaurants or at local markets;

build and maintain adequate food systems and infrastructures e.g. laboratories to respond to and manage food safety risks along the entire food chain, including during emergencies;

providing independent scientific assessments on microbiological and chemical hazards that form the basis for international food standards, guidelines and recommendations, known as the Codex Alimentarius, to ensure food is safe wherever it originates;

An estimated million almost in people in the world ll ill after eating contaminated food and die every year, resulting in the loss of million healthy life years DALYs.

The burden of foodborne diseases to public health and welre and to economy has often been underestimated due to underreporting and difficulty to eslish causal relationships between food contamination and resulting illness or death.

Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli

Diarrhoeal diseases are the most common illnesses resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, causing million people to ll ill and deaths every year.

Chemical contamination can lead to acute poisoning or longterm diseases, such as cancer. Foodborne diseases may lead to longlasting disability and death. Examples of unsafe food include uncooked foods of animal origin, fruits and vegeles contaminated with eces, and raw shellfish containing marine biotoxins.

Food safety, nutrition and food security are inextricably linked. Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition, particularly affecting innts, young children, elderly and the sick.

The WHO report on the estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases presented the firstever estimates of disease burden caused by foodborne agents bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals at global and regional level.

are mainly caused by raw milk, raw or undercooked poultry and drinking water.

foster multisectoral collaboration among public health, animal health, agriculture and other sectors for better communication and joint action;

advocating for food safety as an important component of health security and for integrating food safety into national policies and programmes in line with the International Health Regulations IHR .

WHO works closely with FAO, the World Organization for Animal Health OIE and other international organizations to ensure food safety along the entire food chain from production to consumption.

is associated with unpasteurized milk, undercooked meat and fresh fruits and vegeles.

Food can become contaminated at any point of production and distribution, and the primary responsibility lies with food producers. Yet a large proportion of foodborne disease incidents are caused by foods improperly prepared or mishandled at home, in food service eslishments or markets. Not all food handlers and consumers understand the roles they must play, such as adopting basic hygienic practices when buying, selling and preparing food to protect their health and that of the wider community.

are among the most common foodborne pathogens that affect millions of people annually sometimes with severe and tal outcomes. Symptoms are fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Examples of foods involved in outbreaks of salmonellosis are eggs, poultry and other products of animal origin. Foodborne cases with

include mycotoxins, marine biotoxins, cyanogenic glycosides and toxins occurring in poisonous mushrooms. Staple foods like corn or cereals can contain high levels of mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin, produced by mould on grain. A longterm exposure can affect the immune system and normal development, or cause cancer.

The Second International Conference on Nutrition ICN, held in Rome in November , reiterated the importance of food safety in achieving better human nutrition through healthy nutritious diets. Improving food safety is thus a key in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Governments should make food safety a public health priority, as they play a pivotal role in developing policies and regulatory frameworks, eslishing and implementing effective food safety systems that ensure that food producers and suppliers along the whole food chain operate responsibly and supply safe food to consumers.

Examples include the contamination of innt formula with melamine in affecting innts and young children, of whom died, in China alone, and the EnterohaemorrhagicEscherichia colioutbreak in Germany linked to contaminated fenugreek sprouts, where cases were reported in countries in Europe and North America, leading to deaths and significant economic losses.

promoting safe food handling through systematic disease prevention and awareness programmes, through the WHO Five Keys to Safer Food message and training materials; and

Food supply chains now cross multiple national borders. Good collaboration between governments, producers and consumers helps ensure food safety.

Foodborne pathogens can cause severe diarrhoea or debilitating infections including meningitis.

Access to sufficient amounts of safe and nutritious food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health.

Safe food supplies support national economies, trade and tourism, contribute to food and nutrition security, and underpin sustainable development.

Of most concern for health are naturally occurring toxins and environmental pollutants.

infects people through contaminated water or food. Symptoms include abdominal pain, vomiting and profuse watery diarrhoea, which may lead to severe dehydration and possibly death. Rice, vegeles, millet gruel and various s of seafood have been implicated in cholera outbreaks.

Foodborne illnesses are usually infectious or toxic in nature and caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances entering the body through contaminated food or water.

Antimicrobials, such as antibiotics, are essential to treat infections caused by bacteria. However, their overuse and misuse in veterinary and human medicine has been linked to the emergence and spread of resistant bacteria, rendering the treatment of infectious diseases ineffective in animals and humans. Resistant bacteria enter the food chain through the animals e.g.Salmonellathrough chickens. Antimicrobial resistance is one of the main threats to modern medicine.

Norovirus infections are characterized by nausea, explosive vomiting, watery diarrhoea and abdominal pain. Hepatitis A virus can cause longlasting liver disease and spreads typically through raw or undercooked seafood or contaminated raw produce. Infected food handlers are often the source of food contamination.

think globally and act locally to ensure the food produce domestically be safe internationally.

To do this, WHO helps Member States build capacity to prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks by

Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemical substances, causes more than diseases ranging from diarrhoea to cancers.

are compounds that accumulate in the environment and human body. Known examples are dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs, which are unwanted byproducts of industrial processes and waste incineration. They are found worldwide in the environment and accumulate in animal food chains. Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and cause cancer.

As the worlds population grows, the intensification and industrialization of agriculture and animal production to meet increasing demand for food creates both opportunities and challenges for food safety. Climate change is also predicted to impact food safety, where temperature changes modify food safety risks associated with food production, storage and distribution.

Foodborne diseases impede socioeconomic development by straining health care systems, and harming national economies, tourism and trade.

Some parasites, such as fishborne trematodes, are only transmitted through food. Others, for example tapeworms likeEchinococcus spp, orTaenia solium, may infect people through food or direct contact with animals. Other parasites, such asAscaris, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba histolyticaorGiardia, enter the food chain via water or soil and can contaminate fresh produce.

assessing the safety of new technologies used in food production, such as genetic modification and nanotechnology;

Children under years of age carry of the foodborne disease burden, with deaths every year.

Prions, infectious agents composed of protein, are unique in that they are associated with specific forms of neurodegenerative disease. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy BSE, or mad cow disease is a prion disease in cattle, associated with the variant CreutzfeldtJakob Disease vCJD in humans. Consuming bovine products containing specified risk material, e.g. brain tissue, is the most likely route of transmission of the prion agent to humans.

integrate food safety into broader food policies and programmes e.g. nutrition and food security;

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Milestone Achieved For Weathercaster Seal of Approval

Thank you for entrusting me with the office of NWA President. Thank you for supporting me over the decades as an NWA member. Now, lets get to work.

rd NWA Annual Meeting Venue and Hotel Marriott St. Louis Grand,                 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO

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National Weather Association Foundation Fall Scholarship Winners Announced

We NWA members are inquisitive, intelligent, and goodlooking, right? We love to learn and share our weather passion. We are also a erse groupnot only by traditional definitions of ersity but also by sector, education, training and geography. For us to achieve excellence in operational meteorology to benefit society, there is so much to learn and share. Thats what the NWA is for.

Publish in theNWA Journal of Operational Meteorology, present at an NWA Annual Meeting or regional meeting, or network with others who share your interest in weather at aLocal Chapter meeting.Get Certified

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Connect with others to improve your forecast and warning skills. Collaborate on new operational meteorology techniques, tools, products and services. Get involved with NWA Committees or projects to enhance leadership skills.LEARN MORE

Relationship of LowLevel Insility and Tornado Damage Rating Based on Observed Soundings

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Essential Oils for the Thanksgiving Celebration

Aromatherapy for Seasonal Allergies in Children

only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician.

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Essential Oils for the Thanksgiving Celebration

NAHA is a recognized leader in the field of aromatherapy.

health and safety organizationOccupational Safety and Health O

The Fire Safety Management Course is a selflearning course located on the International Training Centre ILO ecampus website. It is designed to provide employers, workers and their representatives, as well as others with roles and duties with regards to fire safety with information to enable them to verify that adequate measures are in place to prevent fires occurring, to detect a fire should it occur and to enable all occupants of the building to be efficiently and safely evacuated.

Nine Youth Champions for Occupational Safety and Health OSH from Myanmar participated in the I World Congress on Safety and Health at Work held in Singapore in September . The team of nine youth delegates from Myanmar were selected from amongst more than applicants worldwide to participate in eslishing a new international network of young workers, employers, and government officials representing countries.

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Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch

Every seconds, a worker dies from a workrelated injury or illness. Listen to ILOs LABADMIN/OSH Chief talk about how the Occupational Safety and Health Global Action for Prevention OSHGAP is working to address this.

Workrelated tal injuries and diseases have increased from . million to . million per year according to new data issued at the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work held in Singapore September, where ILO Director General, Mr. Guy Ryder, launched a call for concerted global action to address new and emerging occupational safety and health challenges.

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This selflearning course on fire safety management is accessible via the International Training Centre ILO ecampus website.

ILO is a specialized agency of theUnited Nations

Transport including civil aviation; railways; road transport

days to go to send us your best instapics / videos / art to win a trip to Singapore! Tell us what safety means to you we would love to hear from you voiceofbaceprot help us spread the word! thx to _maximefossat_ SafeYouthAtWork CultureOfPrevention YouthVoices voicesofyouth globalyouth decentwork sdg ILC

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The publication gathers evidence on ways to approach OSH within Global Supply Chains discussions and possible entry points to build intervention models for the improvement of OSH in Global Supply Chains.

A contribution to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal

The ress and Media Competition are key components of the ILO ect being highlighted at the I World Conference on Safety and Health in Singapore.

route des MorillonsCH Geneva Switzerlandhealth and safety organizationOccupational Safety and Health O

list of safety organizationsClubs Organizations Information

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Student organizations address a broad range of interests, including student government, multicultural groups, service organizations, academic associations, professional organizations, honor societies, as well as programming, religious, political, media, and special interest organizations. While each organization has its own culty or staff advisor, general support for all student organizations is provided through the SLAO. With such a variety of organizations, it should be easy to find one that interests you. If you do not find a group that matches your interests, you may consider starting your own student organization!

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Of course, simply joining an organization does not mean as much as becoming actively involved. Avoid being a backrow member; meet other members, contribute to discussions, ask questions, and volunteer to work on projects. Make the most of your college education!


Influence your campus environment by helping to plan campus programs and events.

Students wishing to eslish a new organization at Es County College must complete the club registration forms. Club registration packets and information can be obtained in the Clara Dasher Student Center, Rm. or call or email the Student Life Activities Office . New clubs are chartered at the beginning of each ll semester.

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National Safety Month includes a poster drawing contest, a photo contest, and participating resorts also compete for safety awards. Each resort supports Safety Monthin different ways by creating new and exciting initiatives on their mountain.

National Safety Week has now become National Safety Month!  Now the month of January will be dedicated to an entire month of safety.  Many Resorts across the country participate every year to educate skiers and snowboarders about being safe, and to use common sense on the slopes.national safety associationNational Safety Month

safety certificationsSAA Approvals

Our focus is onElectrical Product Safety Approval Certificationthat allows the sale of electrical equipment, accessories and appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

It has come to our attention that several lse and fraudulent claims are being made on Chinese websites by various companies called QA Testing Technology Company Ltd, Ningbo Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Carters Detection Technology Co., Ltd. that they are an SAA representative and that the website is the official website for SAA in China. This is incorrect and fraudulent. These companies are not authorised to act as an agent for SAA Approvals and may not represent our company. The ONLY place to obtain an SAA certificate is at and we do not have any employees or agents outside of Australia. These companies have simply stolen our name and are lse claims. We regard any public statement by this company about Australian approvals to be incorrect. We have asked the Chinese authorities to stop this practice without success.

QA Testing Technology Company SAASAA Approvals

SAA Approvals is accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand JASANZ as a third party certification body. SAA Approvals is also gazetted by the NSW Office of Fair Trading Department of Commerce as a Recognised External Approvals Scheme. This allows us to issue Certificates of Approval for declared and nondeclared electrical equipment that has proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard and be fully accepted throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We focus on approval certification of electrical productsSAA ApprovalsWhat we do

We turn around your approval in days provided all the documentation you send us is correct. We also offer a priority service if required.

We are a team of experienced approvals professionals. General Manager Des Ede has plus years of electrical safety compliance experience, previously with the Electrical Safety Office of the Queensland Government. We have a committed team of professionals from both the technical and administration perspective who are all focussed on getting your approvals done correctly and quickly.

Our company is privately owned and totally independent from any testing authority and government association.

We remind our clients to ensure that they obtain genuine JASANZendorsed certificates and be wary of companies fraudulently claiming to be SAA in certificationsSAA Approvals

Safety in the Science Classroomsafety association

NSTA provides these safety resources to improve laboratory safety and give science teachers and school administrators safety information to make prudent decisions based on legal standards and better professional practices.

The resources listed above include safety products and services provided by professional societies, federal and state agencies, companies, and science supply houses. To recommend additional resources, please .

Were dedicated to improving science instruction and increasing public awareness of science education.Share your perspective with us.

Investigating Safely A Guide for High School Teachers

Safety Acknowledgment Form for Working with MicroorganismsPDF

Science Lab Safety and Classroom Activity ChecklistPDF

YouTube and Other Public Posting of Science Demonstration VideosPDF

Exploring Safely A Guide for Elementary Teachers

This list DOES NOT SUPERSEDE SCHOOL, SCHOOL SYSTEMS, LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS, REGULATIONS, CODES AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the science teachers and school administrators to use appropriate legal standards and better professional practices under duty of care to make the science laboratory safer.

Official NSTAposition statementaddressing safety programs, training, and school environments.

See alsoOvercrowding in K STEM Classrooms and LabsPDF [

I knew about fish that spend a good deal of time out of the water, and had heard of mudskippers. I had no idea that males demonstrate their fitness through acrobatic flips and leaps, though. All the while they have to keep their skin wet to enable oxygen absorption.

NSTA does not imply that methodologies and suggestions outlined are the only applicable ones.

NSTA Guide to Planning School Science Facilities, Second Edition

Tips for the Safer Handling of Microorganisms in the School Science LaboratoryPDF

Inquiring Safely A Guide for Middle School Teachers

Members of NSTAs Safety Advisory Board offer the following documents addressing important safety issues in school science labs and classrooms

The NSTA ReadyReference Guide to Safer Science Volume

The NSTA ReadyReference Guide for Safer Science Volume

NSTA has a number of publications on safety and many other topics. Visit theScience Storeto learn more.

Learn moreNSTA Safety ResourcesNSTA Position Statement Safety and School Science Instruction

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of ChemicalsPDF

, Vol. No. , December/January , pp. ]

NSTA eslishessafety practices and regulationsfor all handson demonstrations, experiments, and workshops given at NSTAsponsored events in rooms, other onsite locations, and on the floor of the NSTA exhibit hall.

Safety in the Middle School Science Classroom flipchart

The NSTA ReadyReference Guide to Safer Science Volume

Subscribe to thissafety blogby Dr. Ken Roy, NSTAs Chief Science Safety Compliance Consultant, who shares safety tips and responds to your questions.

Safety in the Elementary Science Classroom flipchart

NSTA does not assume liability for accuracy of information contained within these resources.

Safety in the Science Classroom, Laboratory, or Field SitesPDF

for excellence in teaching and learning and experiencethrough robust professional development. Plus youll meetacross all science disciplines, all grade bands and teaching stages, from the newest teacher to the veteran administrator, who share a

Mention of products/companies and any links to items or websites is not intended to reflect endorsement.These resources DO NOT SUPERSEDE SCHOOL, SCHOOL SYSTEMS, LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS, REGULATIONS, CODES AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS. Ultimately it is the responsibility of science teachers and school administrators to use appropriate legal standards and better professional practices under duty of care to make the science laboratory as safe as possible.

Official NSTAposition statementfocused on the shared responsibility of maintaining a safe learning environment.Safety in the Science Classroomsafety association