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Enhance the quality of your college experience.

Student organizations address a broad range of interests, including student government, multicultural groups, service organizations, academic associations, professional organizations, honor societies, as well as programming, religious, political, media, and special interest organizations. While each organization has its own culty or staff advisor, general support for all student organizations is provided through the SLAO. With such a variety of organizations, it should be easy to find one that interests you. If you do not find a group that matches your interests, you may consider starting your own student organization!

Gain experience in the areas of communication, problem solving, marketing, budgeting, teamwork, and organizational management.

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At Es County College, we are dedicated to preparing students to be responsible citizens who demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, ethical behavior, personal achievement, and community involvement. One way in which we maintain this commitment to you is through our support of student organizations. Student organizations provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your education by applying what you learn in the classroom to realworld situations. But there is an equally important reason for getting involved participation in student organizations can be fun!

Of course, simply joining an organization does not mean as much as becoming actively involved. Avoid being a backrow member; meet other members, contribute to discussions, ask questions, and volunteer to work on projects. Make the most of your college education!


Influence your campus environment by helping to plan campus programs and events.

Students wishing to eslish a new organization at Es County College must complete the club registration forms. Club registration packets and information can be obtained in the Clara Dasher Student Center, Rm. or call or email the Student Life Activities Office . New clubs are chartered at the beginning of each ll semester.

Meet other students and expand your circle of friends.

With the growing student population here at Es, there is ample opportunity for involvement and a high probability that you can contribute in a leadership position right away. This involvement and leadership experience will help you gain valuable skills that can enhance your success after graduation. College graduates who demonstrate strong leadership traits, in combination with quality academic work, are valued among employers. By becoming a contributing member of an organization you can

Get connected to your College by developing a strong peer group.

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The Student Life and Activities Office maintains a current listing of chartered student organizations and contact person. If you are looking for information about an organization, this is a good place to start.